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Cross-Border Co-operation Between SERES and Huawei 

On 19th April 2021, Chinese carmaker SERES and electronic giant Huawei formally announced close cooperation at the 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. The two parties will deeply integrate technology and products to make each other stronger and provide users with high-quality intelligent mobility solutions.  During the press conference, the SERES Huawei Smart Selection M5 was officially launched.  This longer-range electric vehicle, the new SERES M5, is currently available in Huawei’s flagship stories throughout China.

Huawei Technologies

Customers regularly express concerns about the range and charging of electric vehicles.  In response, Huawei and SERES have developed a new electric range extension system.  Equipped with Huawei DriveONE Three-in-one Electric Drive, the system is an optimal solution to range anxiety.   The new SERES M5 offers drivers flexibility with an extended range of over 1,000 km in long-range mode. Its powerful capabilities allow it to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 4.68 seconds.  In additional, this powerful performance is supported by the lightweight aluminium  chassis, double wishbone front suspension and trapezoidal multi-link rear suspension.  As a result, the SERES M5 can be described as a true performance beast, delivering faster acceleration while maintaining stable tilt control and superior shock absorption.

With Huawei HiCar solutions, users can switch effortlessly between their mobile phone and the car’s central control panel.  This gives them anytime, anywhere access to their navigation, music and much more.  In addition, the car can also connect to smart devices, allowing the driver to control the air conditioning and other connected devices from home with great ease.

The new SERES M5 has vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) charging mode, which can provide emergency power to vehicles stranded without electricity.  It also offers vehicle-to-load (V2L) camping power mode, which can even power induction cookers, radios, and other appliances.

The front sears are equipped with sporty, precisely finished seats with ventilation, heating, and massage functions.  A smart welcome mode also makes getting in and out of the car comfortable and easier. 

SERES and Huawei share the same innovative genius and pragmatic value where “Customer first, Quality first” is an enormous value within this close co-operation.


Interested parties can currently only obtain the SERES M5 from Huawei flagship stories across China.  In Hong Kong we will have to be patient until Winter 2022 to get to know the SERES M5 earlier, although Huawei have kindly lent us a SERES M5 for the IMX HK Automobile Car Show on 1st December 2021 at Asia World to whet your appetite.


Come, see and touch!

If you are lucky, you can pre-order your SERES 3 & SERES M5, subject to terms to conditions and special discounts!

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