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新闻资料包信息 - 2021 年 12 月


Your Hong Kong Dealer – Oriental Swan Motor Group Ltd


  •  – 東騰車業有限公司

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Oriental Swan Motor Group Ltd is a registered vehicle importer and distributor in Hong Kong SAR.  They are passionate about bringing technology-inspired, intelligent, reliable, ecological and exciting driving solution to the Hong Kong market.  They hold an exclusive licensing relationship with DFSK and their SERES brand.  DFSK is part of the Sokon Industry Group in China, a China Top 500 enterprise and comprehensive international car maker with three manufacturing bases in China, Indonesia and the USA, established in 1986.



The SERES brand




SERES was founded as SF Motors in California in 2016 by one of the founders of Tesla, Martin Eberhard.  In 2017 it became a subsidiary of Chongqing Sokon Industry Group, led by Dongfeng Motor Group (DFSK).  It established seven R&D facilities in four countries including the US, China, Germany and Japan.  There are three models launching in Hong Kong over the next 18 months, beginning with an innovative and pragmatic SERES 3 compact SUV, and a fully loaded SERES 5 and SERES 7.  SERES is one of the first brands in China to master the extended range electric drive technology, as well as an all-in-one battery and electronic control system in partnership with Huawei Technologies.   All the models are built upon industry 4.0 within the SERES factory in Chongqing, China, that is equipped with online monitoring on full production processes and it manages over 1,000 intelligent robots with 100% automation in key production procedures.

賽力斯的早期名稱是SF Motors,由原Tesla的創始人之一Martin Eberhard於2016年在加利福尼亞州創立。於2017,它成為了重慶小康工業集團的子公司之一,由東風汽車集團參股。它先後在4個國家:美國、中國、德國和日本創建了自己的研發基地。在將來的18個月內,賽力斯會在香港上市三種汽車款型:由小型多功能運動旅行車賽力斯 3, 到大型多功能SF 5 和SF 7。 SERES是中國電動汽車技術領域的前驅者之一,並與華為共同研創了DriveONE電驅系統。所有的汽車款型皆產於中國重慶的智慧工廠。該工廠以工業4.0的標準規劃,擁有超過1000台智慧型機器人,通過大資料和人工智慧,以即時線上的回應方式,快速精準地進行定制生產。

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SERES and their Technology Partner: Huawei 


Cross-Border Co-operation Between SERES and Huawei 跨品牌合作

On 19th April 2021, Chinese carmaker SERES and electronic giant Huawei formally announced close cooperation at the 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. The two parties will deeply integrate technology and products to make each other stronger and provide users with high-quality intelligent mobility solutions.  During the press conference, the SERES Huawei Smart Selection SF5 was officially launched.  This longer-range electric vehicle, the new SERES 5, is currently available in Huawei’s flagship stories throughout China.

於2021年4月19號,在第19屆上海國際汽車展覽會上,中國汽車生產商賽力斯與科技巨頭華為正式宣佈成為合作夥伴。雙方將把技術與產品方案緊密結合,讓用戶更好的體驗高品質的駕駛體驗。在記者發佈會上,智慧SF 5系列正式上市。這款長里程的電動汽車SF 5, 遍佈于所有華為的中國旗艦店。

Huawei technologies 華為的領先技術

Customers regularly express concerns about the range and charging of electric vehicles.  In response, Huawei and SERES have developed a new electric range extension system.  Equipped with Huawei DriveONE Three-in-one Electric Drive, the system is an optimal solution to range anxiety.   The new SERES SF5 offers drivers flexibility with an extended range of over 1,000 km in long-range mode. Its powerful capabilities allow it to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 4.68 seconds.  In additional, this powerful performance is supported by the lightweight aluminium  chassis, double wishbone front suspension and trapezoidal multi-link rear suspension.  As a result, the SERES SF5 can be described as a true performance beast, delivering faster acceleration while maintaining stable tilt control and superior shock absorption.


客戶們經常擔憂電動汽車的行駛里程與充電問題。為此,華為與賽力斯共同開發了一種新型的里程延展系統。華為的DriveONE是三體合一的電動系統,優化了行駛里程的問題。新型的SF 5給與用戶更高的靈動性,配有高達一千公里的遠程調整模式, 讓您可在4.68秒內從零調速到100公里每小時。除此之外,整體的高性能是由輕質的鋁合金機殼,雙橫臂前懸架與多軸梯形後懸架支撐。由此,SF 5可謂是一頭正真的高性能猛獸,高速加速且保持穩定的防傾及優越的減震性能。


With Huawei HiCar solutions, users can switch effortlessly between their mobile phone and the car’s central control panel.  This gives them anytime, anywhere access to their navigation, music and much more.  In addition, the car can also connect to smart devices, allowing the driver to control the air conditioning and other connected devices from home with great ease.



The new SERES SF5 has vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) charging mode, which can provide emergency power to vehicles stranded without electricity.  It also offers vehicle-to-load (V2L) camping power mode, which can even power induction cookers, radios, and other appliances.


新型的SF 5系列帶有V2V車對車的充電模式,可以幫助緊急情況下缺電的車輛。它也帶有V2L車對其他電器的露營模式,為電爐,錄音機等家用電器供電。


The front seats are equipped with sporty, precisely finished seats with ventilation, heating, and massage functions.  A smart welcome mode also makes getting in and out of the car comfortable and easier.  




SERES and Huawei share the same innovative genius and pragmatic value where “Customer first, Quality first” is an enormous value within this close co-operation.



Commitment to Hong Kong Market


The Oriental Swan Motor Group Dealership and DFSK are committed to serving the Hong Kong market with SERES EV’s, with entry models at a cost where many would find switching to electric mobility most accessible.  The SERES 3 combines practicality and luxury design together with cutting edge technology for the best price possible for our Hong Kong customers.  The SERES 5 and will introduce additional luxury and technology to the electric mobility ecosystem.  We are passionate in supporting Hong Kong SAR achieve our climate action plan 2050 targets and contribute to a zero-carbon emissions environment and electric mobility lifestyle.   


東騰車業有限公司與東風汽車致力於香港市場的電動汽車服務。我們配有物美價廉的產品款型,幫助您順利從傳統燃油汽車轉型到電動汽車。SERES 3 兼顧了實用性與高端設計,是最適用起步型的香港用戶。 SF 5 更上一層樓,有著更奢華的設計細節與更先進的技術融入。我們不但支持電動汽車的產品生命週期循環,也積極地支持香港特別行政區儘早達到2050年的零碳排放指標。

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